Do You Realize How Much Better You’ll Feel Once You Learn How Exhilarating A Healthy Diet Is?

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Do you feel run down, sluggish or just not as energetic as you once did?

Do you try to alleviate your listlessness with coffee, sugar and other unhealthy products that probably do nothing other than give you a quick fix of energy and then make you feel worse than before?

Everyone knows that a proper diet is essential to maintaining a healthy energy level. Unfortunately though, not everyone fully understands what is involved in creating a proper diet and how it easy it is to keep.

A healthy diet doesn’t mean eating only bland salads and removing breads, pastas, sweets, soda, cake and other goodies, it means building a balanced diet that allows you to treat yourself without sacrificing your long term health.

When most people hear the words diet, they normally think of green leaves and little else. Images of healthy eaters are never smiling and who can get excited about the prospect of sitting down to a meal that’s devoid of flavor, calories and red meat?

At least that’s what I thought a diet was before I was cornered into building one for myself. Now, I know better. I know how great it is to finally make it through a meeting without falling asleep. I know how fantastic it feels to be alive and awake first thing in the morning. I know how marvelous it feels to have the energy to do anything I want.

I used to be lazy. I used to be one of the laziest people currently alive. I’m not exaggerating. If you looked up lazy in the dictionary, you’d see a huge picture of me.

I never left my house unless I absolutely had to and I only picked up my cell phone if I knew who was calling and what they wanted. I didn’t return messages and couldn’t find the energy to respond to an email.

My laziness didn’t come from my lack of desire, but from not having enough energy to get my lazy butt in motion. I wanted to live an exciting, eventful life, I just couldn’t figure out how to wake myself up long enough to do any of the things I wanted to do.

And on top of it all, I had the worst eating habits of anyone you probably have ever met.

My normal day went something like this: I’d wake up at 7am and require at least one cup of coffee to get me moving. I rarely ate breakfast at home, instead, I’d have a snack of some sort along with another cup of coffee at work. For lunch I always ate a ham and cheese sandwich and like clockwork I had my third cup of coffee halfway though my afternoon. For dinner, I would normally pick up takeout.

Looking back upon my eating habits, I couldn’t believed that I thought I was eating healthy. There was no part of my diet that was balanced or wholesome, just empty calories and processed foods. It’s no wonder I was so lethargic.

The funny thing is, at the time I didn’t realize that my eating habits were so poor. It wasn’t until I started dating my current girlfriend that I saw how bad my habits had become.

Like any normal couples, Linda and I based our relationship around food. We went out for dinner, had picnics in the park and enjoyed sharing a Sunday brunch.

It seemed like the more time we spent together, the more time we spent eating together. Given my intense laziness, a perfect date was staying in, ordering a pizza and watching a movie. So we did that a lot.

Looking back upon the events of the time, I’m sure Linda started picking up on my poor nutritional habits right from the beginning. There were subtle suggestions like asking, “isn’t this the second time today you’ve had french fries?” or “is that your third helping of bacon?”

As time went on, Linda stopped being so subtle with her hints. She started forbidding me from eating certain foods and wanted me to start being more active. She stopped suggesting that we walk to the drug store instead of driving and started requiring we walk.

Despite the naggings and new laws, I still wasn’t understanding how vital it was to start eating better. It was only one day, during one of our weekly Saturday afternoon walk that I realized how tired I was.

You see, when Linda first started making me live a more active lifestyle, it was difficult to motivate myself. I didn’t enjoy walking and I was usually too tired to move. But once I started, I assumed that things would get easier. I imagined that the more I did it, the more my body would get used to doing it and it wouldn’t be such a challenge.

After nearly a two months of activity, I couldn’t figure out why my body wasn’t adjusting properly. It’s not like I was training to run a marathon, I was just trying to find the energy to walk around the block a couple of times.

I started thinking about seeing a doctor, to see if there was a medical reason why I never had any energy. I mentioned this to Linda and she looked at me like I was totally nuts. She told me that I didn’t need a doctor, I just needed to eat better.

She handed me a banana and told me to eat it.

For the remainder of our walk, Linda explained to me what was wrong with my eating habits and what I should be doing instead.

When we got back to my house, Linda started writing out schedules and menus and I couldn’t understand what she was talking about. I initially thought she was crazy. I didn’t believe that the solution to all my problems could come from eating more vegetables.

But I had no reason not to listen to her. If I was right, I’d stay the same. If she was right, I’d be a healthier person who felt great. I felt that it couldn’t really hurt to try her suggestions.

Linda started helping me watch what I ate and together we started learning about the proper way to build a daily diet. We started buying books and talking to other people interested in feeling better through healthy eating habits.

The more I learnt, the more of the information I was able to fit into my life. I was feeling like I was alive for the first time in my life.

The healthier diet was really providing me with more energy. I cut down on my need for coffee and completely removed unnecessary sugar from my diet. I no longer needed such motivation to get out and do things and I was able to simply spring out of bed every morning without feeling groggy for an hour.

I never realized how big an improvement a proper diet could be. If you constantly feel tired and need something more than a big shot of caffeine to motivate yourself, Fats Won’t Go Away Without Proper Nutrients could be just what you are looking for.

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Don’t Waste Another Day Sitting On Your Couch! Eat Your Way To Feeling Better!!

Food is the sustenance that powers our body. We depend on it for more than just enjoyment.

As our lifestyles become more complex and stressful, the need for a healthy lifestyle is so much more important. The energy needed to stabilize an active person today is greater than was needed twenty years ago. To maintain the lifestyle that most people lead, it is advisable not skipping meals and to start eating right.

Eating right is more than just having a salad once a week. To significantly feel better, you need to understand the way your body processes food. The only way you can help your body create more energy is controlling what you put in your mouth.

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Here’s What You Can Do If You Are Still Not Losing Weight

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Here are one of the questions I received on my email and I would like to share this with the rest:

Q: I was on a weight-loss program together with my buddy. Within a week she lost a few pounds but I didn’t. At the end of the program, she lost a whooping 8 kg and I gain 2 kg. We went through the same ordeal but how did she managed to lose fats and I gain instead?

A: The scenario you mentioned above is actually quite common. That is partly the reason why some weight-loss programs got it’s bad reputation. The problem here doesn’t lie with you nor the program. It lies on your body. Different bodies have different nutrients composition. Some bodies have adequate nutrients while others are lacking. It is these nutrients that determine whether you will lose fats or not.


Obviously, your buddy body has enough type of nutrients and amount that is needed to boost weight-loss.

Find out the nutrients that will help in weight loss. Know which nutrients must be present that will go hand-in-hand with your weight-loss programs in the next section.

Why do we need to cleanse our body?

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Are you tired of being tired? Sleeping seems to be the only activity that you can afford to do? Give yourself a new chance and hope. Rejuvenate and energize your body.


Anda sentiasa dalam keadaan kelesuan? Hanya mampu tidur bila ada masa lapang? Beri tubuh anda satu peluang dan harapan. Berikan kesegaran dan tenaga untuk tubuh anda.


Link Between Diabetes, Heart Attacks And Strokes

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Diabetes is a disease in which the body either lacks insulin or does not produce enough insulin to break ingested glucose into cells. As a result, the glucose remain in the blood and damage blood vessels. A high content of glucose in the blood is called hyperglycemia and is often a precursor to heart attack and stroke. People who have diabetes have twice as much of a chance of having a heart attack and stroke as those without this condition.

In addition to diabetes itself being a risk factor for heart attack and stroke, there are other risk factors that people with diabetes should be aware of to reduce their risk factor for heart attack and stroke. This includes central obesity. Studies by the American Heart Association have indicated that while obesity in itself is a risk for a heart attack, carrying excess weight around the waist increases your risk of heart attack. This is believed to be due to the fact that abdominal fat increases bad cholesterol more than fat on other areas of the body.

Speaking of cholesterol, those with diabetes should carefully monitor their cholesterol carefully. Because the blood vessels are already weakened by the excessive glucose in the blood level, people with diabetes have to be especially careful about their cholesterol levels as their arteries can become blocked easier than those without diabetes. Monitoring cholesterol is important for everyone, but imperative for those with diabetes.

Hypertension is also a dangerous condition for those with diabetes and can lead to heart attack or stroke. Damaged blood vessels having to work harder to pump blood from your heart throughout your body can cause heart damage, stroke, and even eye problems.

Clearly, those who have diabetes must not only carefully monitor the disease, but he complications that can rise from diabetes. While it is important for everyone to check their blood pressure, cholesterol and maintain an ideal weight, it is even more important for someone who has diabetes.

In order to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke for people with diabetes, it is important, first of all, to manage the disease. By eating proper foods that are recommended for people who have this condition, exercising and taking your medication, you can maintain a good glucose level in your blood that will reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke. By monitoring your cholesterol and blood pressure and seeing your physician on a regular basis, you can stop a potential problem before it begins.

By empowering yourself to learn all you can about managing diabetes and complying with the instructions of your physician, you can live an active and long life with diabetes. Knowledge and facing the situation is the key. Those who refuse to follow advice, who prefer to eat whatever they feel like, not exercise and pretend that the disease does not exist put themselves at the most risk.

Type II diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions in the United States. It does not have to be a killer. People who follow instructions, learn about the disease and comply with their physician have an excellent chance at reducing their risk of acquiring any of the complications associated with this disease. Despite the link between diabetes, heart attack and stroke, those who maintain their health can avoid these conditions.

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What If The Weight Loss Product You’re Buying is Poison?

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These days, obese people suffer less from obesity related problems and more from the side effects of weight loss products that they use. If you don’t exercise caution when buying a weight loss product, it can be harmful for your health. Doing your due diligence and arming yourself with the correct knowledge is very much essential, especially when it comes to weight loss. Before buying any weight loss product, make sure that you have researched it thoroughly. During your search, you should try to get as much information as possible about the product, its good and bad effects, the ingredients that it is made up of, etc., as these things can seriously affect your health, either positively or negatively! In this article I will tell you how to know a good weight loss product from the bad ones.


To start with, you shouldn’t accept everything at face value. The internet is littered with both good and bad information, and more often than not, the bad information overshadows the good one. There is a lot of misleading information regarding several weight loss products doing the rounds of the World Wide Web, and in case you don’t know, the perpetrators of this misleading information are either the product manufacturers themselves or their partners who promote the products on their behalf. You may come across websites offering you what seems to be ‘honest reviews’ regarding your product, but is that really so? Most of these reviews are filled up with dishonest, misleading and fraudulent information, and if you rely on this information when purchasing a weight loss product, you are doomed!


I will give an example to clarify my point. You maybe aware of the fact that there are several websites out there claiming to offer natural weight loss products. Well, at one point of time, some experts of the Johns Hopkins University surveyed those sites in order to find out whether the outrageous claims made by these sites are true or not. Not surprisingly, many websites failed the test; some failed to give information regarding the correct dosage of the supplement, others failed to reveal about the harmful side effects of the products, and yet others failed to offer information regarding the ingredients of the products. Believe it or not, lack of such vital pieces of information can harm the consumer more than anyone else.


So, how to separate the wheat from the chaff? As a rule of thumb, you should avoid products whose claims seem to be outrageous or impossible. An old saying goes that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! If you find a website that claims that their product can do miracles for you, chances are that reality is exactly the opposite – that is, it will harm your body in a ‘miraculous’ way.


Your best bet is to consult a doctor or a nutritionist before you even decide to buy any weight loss pill. Your doctor should be able to clarify what side effects the consumption of a particular medicine may have, and this piece of information alone will save you from a lot of troubles down the road!


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